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Title: "We Are All Relatives"
Year: 1966
Dimension: 21" x 18"
Description: This painting by Frithjof Schuon is reproduced on page 33 of Images of Primordial and Mystic Beauty (Abodes, 1992). The subtle arc in the heavens has its reflections elsewhere in the painting as well. (Note that the tipis are also pitched in a circle and are themselves conical—circular at their base and ultimately 'focused' to the heavens.) In his writings, Schuon often referred to the phrase used as the title of this painting, "we are all relatives" (in Lakota: Mitakuye Oyasin), which is a prayer and statement of the oneness of all existence in the Being of the Creator. Schuon expresses the same unity of creation with higher levels of being through his paintings. The original painting is from 1966 and measures 21 by 18 inches.
Category: Paintings of the American Indian World

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