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Ausgewählte Bücher von
Frithjof Schuon

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Materialien zu Leben und Lehre von Frithjof Schuon
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Über diese Website

The Frithjof Schuon Archive constitutes the most comprehensive repository of material pertaining to Schuon’s life and work, including published articles, personal correspondence, private papers, poems, photographs, and works of art. This site also contains archival information related to the "Perennialist School", of which Schuon was the preeminent exponent. Various summaries of information and different archives allow readers to view the depth and breadth Schuon’s life and corpus from different points of view.

And, no one translation is adequate to convey the nuance and depth of meaning in the original languages. Reasonable minds often differ regarding the best translation, yet it is not possible to print the same material in multiple translations. This archive therefore preserves multiple translations of the same document in several instances, thus allowing readers to form their own opinions.

Über uns

World Wisdom, Inc holds copyrights to the majority of Schuon’s works, is the owner of the statutory Rights of Publicity to his likeness, and is the archivist for Schuon’s corpus. Inquiries should be directed to:

World Wisdom, Inc.
P.O. Box 2682
Bloomington, Indiana 47402-2682

(812) 330-3232 Phone
888-WWBOOK1 (888-992-6651) Toll-free orders only
(812) 333-1642 Fax


Nutzungsbedingungen / Copyrights

Terms of Use:


The material appearing in these Frithjof Schuon Archives pages is protected by copyright and its reproduction is restricted by law.


• You may view or download the image to your workstation and store it, and you may make one hard copy without further permission, provided this is done for purposes of private study only.
• You may also display the single personal copy for purposes of an academic lecture or seminar, provided that no further duplication occurs or is allowed to occur.
• You may incorporate the URL for an image, but not the image itself, in your personal hypertext document or on your Internet site. The purpose of this restriction is to preserve the integrity of the image by ensuring that image files are always downloaded directly from the Frithjof Schuon Archives server.
• You may not duplicate the image in any medium for another person or institution.


In accordance with standard academic and general practices, you must include the copyright notice and reference as found at the bottom of each digitized manuscript image and on the title page of the published version in any copy you make, whether in electronic or other form. In addition, please include “Courtesy of World Wisdom, Inc. @ www.worldwisdom.com”


Except for the fair use of short quotations, if you wish to reproduce material for publication in electronic or any other form, including but not limited to the uses listed below, you must obtain the written permission of World Wisdom, Inc. in advance.

• Publication in any hard copy form (i.e. book, periodical).
• Use in television, film or video.
• Publication in any electronic form.
• Duplication in any networked or public site, or in any "virtual library" (but you may incorporate the URL for certain material, though not the material itself, in your personal hypertext).
• Public display in any form of electronic or hard copy (except for a single copy for use in an academic lecture of seminar).
• Duplication by photocopying or any other means for use in any teaching pack.


Please contact: [insert graphic for WW]

Press Room

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