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Title: "So That My People May Live"
Year: 1961
Dimension: 18" x 22"
Description: This painting by Frithjof Schuon is reproduced on page 13 of Images of Primordial and Mystic Beauty (Abodes, 1992). It is particularly rich in the various imagery found in Schuon's paintings of Plains India life: virgin nature, camp life, traditional crafts, symbolism, beautiful dress, and noble gestures and bearing, among others. The phrase used as the title, "…so that my people may live…", is often part of Lakota or other Plains Indian prayers of supplication such as when cutting the sacred tree for the Sun Dance or cutting an herb for other ritual purposes; it demonstates the oneness of the Native American with the natural world and the awareness of the gravity of taking from it for the sake of one's own people. The original painting is from 1961 and is 18 by 22 inches.
Category: Paintings of the American Indian World

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