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Frithjof Schuon

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A Resource On Frithjof Schuon's Life & Teachings
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This archive contains Schuon’s personal papers, only some of which were published during his life.

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Letters Holdings: 56 letter(s)

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Date yy/mm/ddFirst LinePublication DataEngGerFreItaSpaPor
64/06/22One should not reproach a science for not being what it does not want to be or for not providing...Logic &Transc, p. 235
76/02/01Regarding the question of transubstantiation, which I address briefly in Logic and Transcendence...Logic &Transc, p. 237
72/08/31You ask me why I wrote in my latest book that modern man “does this by means of his machines and ...Logic &Transc, p. 238
64/06/22The heliocentric system is not exclusively modern; I will not be telling ...Logic &Transc, p. 239
74/04/13Existentialism and psychoanalysis, without forgetting socialism, are mainly what killed basic...Logic &Transc, p. 239
85/12/09Three factors alone are of concern to us: Truth, Way, and Virtue...Logic &Transc, p. 240
75/07/31I read in an unpublished letter of Coomaraswamy's that "Jili had a vision of Plato...Logic &Transc, p. 241
71/02/01The “doctrine of Awakening” presented briefly at the beginning of your book...Logic &Transc, p. 242
80/10/19Someone once told me that when he entered a mosque he felt constricted by the religious form...Logic &Transc, p. 245
82/01/18The blanket of snow presently covering our region reminds me of the spiritual significance of...Logic &Transc, p. 246
77/10/05Difficulties resulting from contacts between whites and Indians are easy...SP & HF, p. 231
71/01/01Poetry is the "language of the gods", and noblesse oblige; what I mean by this is that...SP & HF, p. 233
84/07/27Guenon was right to specify that Vedanta is the most direct and in a certain...SP & HF, p. 233
40/05/01Regarding primordial man, I do not think he either laughed or wept, for his psychism was neither... SP & HF, p. 235
76/02/22I am completely against ecumenism as it is envisaged today-with its ineffective "dialogues" and...SP & HF, p. 236
61/03/15The errors of the Mahesh Yogi movement are patently obvious. In reality the goal of meditation is...SP & HF, p. 238
56/01/28In principle the universal authority of the metaphysical and initiatic traditions of Asia...SP & HF, p. 239
69/07/07What always surprises me with people discussing spirituality is that they are not aware...SP & HF, p. 241
45/09/11I deplore the fact that a certain number of those who claim to subscribe to an esoteric science...SP & HF, p. 242
68/02/01In Tasawwuf one must repeatedly begin a new life in order to maintain grace and not be lost...SP & HF, p. 245
56/01/28What distinguishes us above all from Muslim-born or converted individuals—“psychologically”...Sufism: VQ, p. 134
74/10/19I am glad to learn you have finally desisted from fasting, for the body needs all...Sufism: VQ, p. 135
79/08/07You ask whether I meant to say in one of my books that “intelligence cannot discern truth without...Sufism: VQ, p. 136
56/01/02Concerning the question of the “formal” and “informal” or the “letter” (which may kill...Sufism: VQ, p. 138
55/02/03I must always repeat to the fuqarā' that if some expression of destiny upsets...Sufism: VQ, p. 140
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Statements / Texts Holdings: 46 statement/text(s)

Document Available in:
Date yy/dd/mmFirst LinePublication DataEngGerFreItaSpaPor
 “The Substance”Logic &Transc, p. 236
75/10/01Marginalia in a letter from a correspondent concerning the Book of GenesisLogic &Transc, p.238
 “God is Consciousness”Logic &Transc, p. 240
 “Contents and Containers”Logic &Transc, p. 242
 “Faith Is to Say ‘Yes’”Logic &Transc, p. 244
 “Beyond an Alternative”Logic &Transc, p. 244
 “The Argument”Logic &Transc, p. 245
 “The Message of Certainty”Logic &Transc, p. 247
 "Colors"SP & HF, p. 232
 "Not To Be Lost from Sight"SP & HF, p. 236
 "Vedanta, Japa, Dharma, and Tantra"SP & HF, p. 240
 "To Know, To Will, To Love"SP & HF, p. 242
 "Virtue, a Requisite of the Truth and the Way"SP & HF, p. 243
 "Against the Abuse of an Argument"SP & HF, p. 244
 Extract from “Hikmah, Dhikr, Jamāl”Sufism: VQ, p. 133
 Extract from “The Gordian Knot”Sufism: VQ, p. 133
 “Silence and Word”Sufism: VQ, p. 136
 “Faqr Equals Fitrah"Sufism: VQ, p. 137
 “The Alternative”Sufism: VQ, p. 139
 Extract from “Metaphysics of the Name”Sufism: VQ, p. 140
 “Islamic Esoterism and Esoteric Islam”Sufism: VQ, p. 142
 “The Divine Name as Answer”Sufism: VQ, p. 143
 “Al-Khalwah”Sufism: VQ, p. 147
 “Closing the Eyes and Pronouncing the Name”Sufism: VQ, p. 147
 “The Absolute Argument”Sufism: VQ, p. 148
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