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Extract from “God is Consciousness”

When a distinction is made between the impersonal Divinity and the personal Divinity, what this signifies is that God in a sense individualizes Himself for the sake of creation and in relation to man; one does not mean to deny that the Divinity is pure Consciousness, hence pure Personality, in its very Essence—in other words that it is the Self, whence are derived within Relativity all created consciousnesses.

This is what explains polytheism: from the moment that God is Personality as such, it is obvious that each of His modes or each of His manifestations possesses a personal character; in God there is nothing unconscious.

This also explains Trinitarianism: there is no need to protest disdainfully—against Sabellius—that the hypostases are not modes but persons; divine modes are necessarily—and by definition—persons as soon as the divine Nature is personal; this is not because the divine Essence could have an individual character but because it is pure Consciousness and is therefore capable of individualizing itself in relation to man.

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