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Frithjof Schuon

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A Resource On Frithjof Schuon's Life & Teachings
Extract from “Beyond an Alternative”

Earthly existence is full of ambiguities because it manifests God while yet being “other than He”. Man is suspended as it were between abstraction and analogy, rejection and participation, transcendence and immanence: we encounter on the one hand the limitations and imperfections of phenomena—and in some cases their seductive magic—and on the other hand their metaphysical transparency and ennobling and interiorizing quality; the “Eternal Feminine” is both Eve and Mary. By force of circumstance—the average man being what he is—exoterism tends toward a prudent and suspicious moralism; esoterism alone possesses, in one of its dimensions, a breadth permitting it to spiritualize “sensible consolations”, which the exoteric perspective tends to ostracize, and thus—beyond the alternative “flesh or spirit”—to restore to the means of aesthetic expression, such as music and dance, their celestial intentions.

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