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Extract from “Colors”

There are three fundamental, essential colors: Red, Blue, Yellow: Red and Blue are heavy, so to speak; Yellow is light; Red and Yellow are warm; Blue is cold. The mixed colors are Green, Orange, Violet; Green comes first because its components, Blue and Yellow, are complementary rather than irreconcilable opposites; then come Orange and Violet, the first light and the second heavy.

As for the symbolism of colors, everyone agrees on the following meanings: Red represents intensity as well as aggressiveness; Blue represents calm, profundity, and contemplativity; Yellow should naturally be felt as a symbol of radiation or joy, but too often a malefic sense is attributed to this color: falseness, envy, hatred; this is a patent example of pseudo-symbolism.

Among the mixed colors Green represents contemplative joy, hope; Violet represents sadness and, on another plane, sacerdotal gravity as well as old age; Orange represents emotion that is lively, joyful, vital, hence also youth.

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