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Frithjof Schuon

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Extract from “Vedānta, Japa, Dharma, Tantra”

These four Sanskrit terms may evoke the four principal dimensions of our Way:

Vedānta: Discernment between the Real and illusory, which implies all subsequent discernments.

Japa: Invocation; essentially, methodic Concentration on the Real.

Dharma: Virtue, the virtues; Conformity to the nature of the Real; beauty of soul, of character.

Tantra: Spiritualization—or Interiorization—of beauty as well as of the natural pleasures, in harmony with the metaphysical transparency of phenomena. All things considered: Nobility of sentiments and experiences, which excludes all excess and is inseparable from sobriety. Or again: sense of the archetypes, return to the essences, to primordiality.

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