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Extract from “The Gordian Knot”

“Say: Allāh! then leave them to their vain discourse.” Thus it is that the Dhikr cuts through the Gordian knot of the soul’s obscurities and troubles, its states of heaviness and dispersion—in short, the inward problems that appear insoluble, whether their causes are objective or subjective or both at once.

This means that the Dhikr cuts through the inextricable and absurd knot of lower māyā, which is found in the microcosm as well as the macrocosm, in the soul as well as the world.

Man tends to argue with his own absurdity as well as with that of the world, and the adversary, who has an interest in our having troubles and forgetting God, takes advantage of the situation by involving us in an indefinite movement; this is what is called “going round in circles”. Now what we do not understand, God understands, and we attest to this fact by saying Allāh and turning away from all discussion about the uncertain, conjectural, indefinite, insoluble. In any event, it is necessary to know that there is always an unintelligible point in māyā: on the higher plane it is mystery, and on the lower it is the absurd; in one case as in the other we say Allāh.

To say Allāh is to show Confidence and Faith. For Allāh is the reply to everything; the soul is a question, and the supreme Name the response; or the soul is a wound, and the Supreme Name a balm.

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