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Extract from “The Substance”

The substance of knowledge is Knowledge of the Substance; in other words the substance of human knowledge is Knowledge of the divine Substance; “he who knoweth his soul knoweth his Lord”.

The substance of the intelligence is indeed the perception of the substantial, not the accidental. When the intelligence perceives the accidental, it must do so in relation to the substantial.

Stupidity is confusion between the secondary and the essential, hence in the final analysis between accidents and substance, which means that only the sage is completely intelligent; he alone has a perfect sense of causality. Impiety is a kind of stupidity, and stupidity is a kind of impiety.

The divine Substance itself is essentially beyond the polarity subject-object; it is nonetheless accessible, whether by an objective or conceptual path or by a subjective or unitive path; the two paths must combine, for there is no union without discernment, no realization without truth.

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